Vintages Watches

In hundreds of years, those splendid watches inspired many designers to develop more amazing watches, and the forms the vintage watches. 7074 is the first super complication watches among other Breguet watches, and its unique design deeply reflects designers’ genius and imagination. Breguet 7074 has an astounding tourbillon and a winding 569 movement. Over 600 components in the movements in the movement enhances the stability of the system, so that movement can works in a stable way no matter how you wind up.

Max Bucherer is the brother of Carl F. Bucherer, the founding father of Carl F. Bucherer. As the youngest member of the family, Max shows its genius in art, and is known to us with its painting, but wood carving is his favorite thing. In 2007, Carl.F.Bucherer launched a special chronograph watch-Manero Tribute To Mabu, in honor of Mabu, a great artist from Carl F. Bucherer. This watch has Valjoux 92 only measures 6 mm, which was the top chronograph back then. Carl F. Bucherer refurnish this watch thoroughly, and launched 100 limited edition. In 1927, Geneva released the last Patek Philippe Gondolo. In 1980, this series watches gained reborn, and that is the new Chronometer Gondolo. The barrel shape is classic among many watches but the application of such design is never so perfect than Patek Philippe.

Chronometro GOndoloe Ref.50098P has slightly change on the appearance, and the case adopts platinum ametail. The crystal on the case back fits the wrist well. What’s more, Patek Philippe developed a brand-new mechanical watch for the new Chronometro Gondolo. -an automatic 25-21 REC PS square movement. This is a simple movement, but a vintage movement is more than a movement. People also hope that such an old-school way of producing new watches can melts with new technology and gains more popularity.

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