Rolex Watch – A Brand Never Let You Down

Over the years, rolex continuously explores in the field of deep-sea diving, and its position has never been shaken, among them, the red words divers watch Sea Dweller becomes the representative with the very excellent waterproof performance, and now it is the waterghost of the Rolex watches. Besides the function of waterproof, rolex waterghost luminous dial display also is highly praised, rolex watches luminous dial chooses a kind of innovation of fluorescent material Chromalight. So-called Chroma is “Chroma and saturation”, and this kind of material can send out the blue light, and it has been applied in a series of rolex oyster type professional oyster watches pointer and the time scales. Compared with the general standard fluorescent material, Chromalight light-emitting time almost is double. The luminous intensity can remain stable in the process of full diving, and maintain more than eight hours. In 2008, the rolex Sea Dweller in its waterproof depths of up to 3900 metres divers professional wrist watch applied the Chromalight fluorescent material – blue sky for the first time, and became the ironic color of the Rolex diving watches.

Here when compared the Rolex 116610LN watch and 116710LN watch, on the aspect of watch movement, the 116610 ln watch is applying the rolex 3135 movement, and 116710 ln applies the rolex 3186 movement. 3135 movement is the upgrade product of the rolex modern basic movement 3130. And 3186 movement adds the GMT display function on the basis of the 3135 movement. 3135 movement is single folded drill 31 movement, 3186 adds GMT movement on the basis of single folded drill. Two movements adopted rolex blue niobium balance spring, which can prevent magnetic well.

Anyway, no matter which Rolex watch you are to buy, Rolex won’t make you disappointed because of the excellent quality and fine workmanship and the outstanding time keeping.

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