Panerai Pocket Watches in SIHH 2014

Pocket watch is the most elegant and delicate accessory for men. Most people thought that wrist-watch were for ladies until World War Two when men began to have pocket watches weared on their hands. Pocket watch, once an ordinary thing, now becomes exclusive to connoisseurs and collectors. on the earlier 20th, anybody who longed for a pocket watch would go and pay a visit to a shopping windows facing the Pizza SanGiovanni in the Florence. In the window, Orologi da tasca delle principali marche svizzere, it wrote. And the new Pocket Watch 3 Days was based on this background and created with exquisite techniques by a workshop f Panerai.

The reflection of low-profile class can be achieved via precious accessory, but to those who are crazy about high-class watches and its techniques, the biggest surprise hides behind the pocket watches. The brand-new Panerai pocket watch adopted the appearance of pocket watch designing in a simple style. It has both platinum and red gold versions with its dial of 50 mm in diameter. This pocket watch has a big stick-shape time scales and numbers on its dial in which it is just like sun grain radiating from the center, making it has a strong sense of hierarchy. The dial of this this watch adopted the typical structure of 1930th: light-brown luminous material on the time-scale and numbers shines through the holes, making it clear enough to be seen even in faint light condition.

Continuing its brand tradition, every style of Panerai pocket watch has a high-level water-resistance, including this two, Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Bianco and Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Rosso 3, whose water-resistance depth has reached 5 units of barometric pressure(equals to 50 meters’ water pressure).

In addition, a special support can be found on the wrapped box made of red sandalwood and it can turn your pocket watch into an extraordinary clock when you place it on the support.

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